Payments Policy


Dear Client,

Thanks for visiting Yadira Parrots Farm and we want to assure all our clients that they will be well satisfied as they buy from our farm, Because we always treat our clients like royalty.

Once any serious and interested client read and go down, The client will see all our payment terms and policies that we work on regarding all our payments methods.

1) Our farm don`t give out videos of our birds or eggs to all first time clients, because in the past months we have been going through so much stress from clients who are not serious to buy, they will take our videos plus pictures and post them on websites and You-tube and when our serious clients see our videos they will see us as a farm that is cheating people.

2) Before we ship any client order our management must confirm payment before registration of client order with the shipping company.

3) For our farm payment methods, we have 4 payment methods that our farm share holders have approved for this farm to work with, we will explain all the 4 payment methods below so any serious client will read and understand with us well.

4) Our farm accept bank transfer not to our farm account, but to an account representative, because we don`t give our farm account out like that to new or old clients, because this days so many companies have gone down because of online hackers, so bank transfer payments can only be made through our farm account representative, and amount below £1500 can be transferred to this account.

5) Western Union international transfer or local transfer, Western Union is one of the fastest way to send money worldwide, we have online accountants that are assigned by our farm to receive all Western Union payments locally or internationally.

6) Money Gram international money transfer order, Money Gram too is just like the Western Union, sending money locally and internationally and Money Gram too is fast, we also have Money Gram online accountants who have been assigned by our farm to receive Money Gram payments.

7)Once you make your order, if you are a serious client, you will have to choose your payment method and you request for the payment details of your payment method, and our management will provide the payment details to you.

8) 1 hour before the shipping time, the animals shipping company will issue the shipping tracking number which the client will use in tracking the shipping till it get to your house address at your doorstep.

9) All serious clients should read and follow all terms and polices, if the clients are serious to buy from our farm, we always satisfy all our serious clients.Thanks for your understanding

Yadira Parrot Farm Management.

Thanks for your understanding



One of the great things about shopping on Yadira Parrots Farm is that we offer you a diverse selection of payment options!