Green Thiged Caiques Eggs For sale

Green Thiged Caiques Eggs For sale


 The Green thigh is’nt the easiest of Caiques to breedIf we have a good breeding pair is the generally very goodI think Green thighs the best caretakers of their childrenWe have grown in different areas with different green thigh couples. But overall, this so-called kubs in cages (m3 cagesgoodIf possible, we place the birds so that they can hear the same species, but can not see.


The Green thigh Caique is currently the most popular and least common of the three types Caique known in aviculture. In terms of behavior, they sit me between the Black head and Yellow thigh. What especially in birds that are close to the import of birds sit, so that only grown with few generations has been noticeable in aviculture.


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