Ornate lorikeet for sale

Ornate lorikeet for sale


Breed Rainbow Lorikeet
Height About 25 cm
Talkability Great
Tamed Yes
Hand Fed
Sex  Male | Female
Diet Seeds, Fruit, and Nuts

The Ornate Lorikeet (Trichoglossus ornatus) is a monotypic species of parrot in the Psittaculidae family. It is endemic to Sulawesi and nearby smaller islands in Indonesia. It is found in forest, woodland, mangrove, and plantations, and is locally common.

It averages 10 inches in length and weighs about 4 oz. The crown is dull purplish-blue. There are yellow side patches on the nape. The back of the scruff is ruddy orange. The jawline and throat and the greater part of the face are ruddy oranges. The back and the wings are splendid green. The wing primaries (= longest wing plumes) (longest wing quills) are tipped blackish. The underwing is dark with yellow and green. The jaw and the chest are rosily banned with dull blue. The stomach is dim green and the thighs are yellow-green. The upper tail is dull green with yellowish tips and the undertail is yellowish and pinkish at the base. The mouth and the irises are orange and the legs are dim green.

Both males and females look alike.


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