Scarlet Macaw Parrot Eggs For Sale

Scarlet Macaw Parrot Eggs For Sale



Macaws are the biggest parrots on the planet — the body of the red macaw from mouth to tail can be up to 33 inches. This lovely macaw has a rich white, practically featherless face, with splendid red plumage covering the greater part of its body, wings and long tail. Splendid blue and yellow quills additionally enhance the lower wings. The winged animal’s solid mouth is adjusted to breaking hard nuts found in the rainforest.

The red macaw can be found from southern Mexico to Peru, just as Bolivia, eastern Brazil and the island of Trinidad. They like to invest their energy in tall, deciduous trees in timberlands and close to streams, for the most part in enormous, loud gatherings. Macaws additionally mate forever, settling from January through April in the openings of dead overhang trees. Mated grown-ups lay up to two eggs for every year, and dress one another and their posterity for quite a long time, cleaning bugs from their plumes.


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